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I understand the need for caution!

I also think a huge number of people at large are totally over-reacting and making things needlessly worse. Some prudent caution is warranted but, not some of the craziness I'm seeing.

Fights over a 4-pack of toilet paper? Really? Or the lady in line from Kansas buying toilet paper in rural East Texas because "Kansas is out"!

Or the lady in line at the grocery store who asked: "Is it safe to boil bottled water?" I mean really, my well comes from the same source at Nestle Waters in Hawkins, Texas and this lady is worried about boiling it! She was really proud to get the last two $9/box antibacterial Kleenex too!

Prudent caution and sensible cleaning practices I'm fine with but, I'm sorry , a TOILET PAPER FORT won't stop Coronavirus from entering your house!
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