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Honestly, whether it's personal pride and you just dont turn that in, or
the concern for the health of your fellow citizen, this shouldn't make it
even in a box to be turned in. Turn in an empty box if you had to. Me,
scoring 0 in KCBS (this was MIM though), you can only be DAL (Dead Ass
Last), and these were definitely DAL caliber, to the tune of DAL of all
contests in the region for an entire year DAL. I would've hoped they'd
had enough personal pride to just throw those away. Honestly, we've
all made grill mistakes here and there.

Personal Experience with thowing away $100 in meat:

We had a next-day party after my 2nd wedding a few years back. I had
many requests for my competition pulled pork that has done pretty well
'round these parts. Long story, one I will NOT share, but those pork
butts and 2 nice fresh hams all went into the garbage, and I mean ALL
of them... Napping, at the wrong time, when using a stick burner, ala.
that doofus on the BBQ PitMasters show, can be disasterous!!!! Recall,
this is the night after my wedding... Oh well, the hamburgers were
very good.... :-)

I hear ya, and I think most would not turn in something that bad. Some don't have a clue when it comes to cooking in general, let alone BBQ. Like this Paul guy, no self respecting "superstar" chef would turn in that crap, period. This guy is supposed to be some sort of grill master, yet he burner the heck out of that poor chicken. I know many chefs that can't BBQ a bit, but they can sure grill some GREAT chicken.
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