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Originally Posted by SmokinOkie View Post
Thanks for posting, don't have any photos, just boxes that I've judged.

Some turn-ins.

1) Box of ribs was upside down. All we saw was the lettuce. the number was on top for us to see.

2) A rack of ribs looking perfect, but they were bone side up AND they were all one rack (not sliced)

3) Got one pork box with the bone separated from the meat and one large chunk of pork

4) Got a brisket box FULL of chopped brisket only, but it was so burnt, we couldn't confirm what it was (and it actually looked like something a animal would leave

Have seen various pieces of foil, tape, toothpicks still connected/holding meat.

Tape?!? Wow.

<--- thinks to himself, at time to put ribs in box, hears:

Honey, these ribs are falling apart. Fetch me the duct tape, will 'ya?!!!

Twice I've turned in ribs that perhaps needed tape to keep them from
falling apart. Luckily I'd already tasted them, and ends up they scored
middle-of-the-pack both times, one scored well enough to allow me to
get RGC. So, yes, they were turned in sans duct tape.... Tape, really?
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