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I'll start, MIM contest 2007, SweetWater Festival in Milledgeville, GA. Blind Ribs.

I must admit, blind ribs is my favorite IF the ribs are good. Was at a table with 5
entries, and when we opened the boxes one stood out, and I mean STOOD OUT.

It was obviously burned, but not so horrendous that I didn't actually pick up a piece.
Being as stoic as I could, I smelled it. WOW. This was some really bad Q. There
wasn't even a hint of overcooked seasoning, just plain old burned meat, with a nice
compliment of lighter fluid to accent the smell. I tugged and tugged at the bone(s)
to get it to pull apart. Wasn't going to happen. Ok, so much for tenderness and
smell. I should've stopped there and just given the 7 (MIM scoring). Nope, I'm an
honorable judge and do my damnedest to get a bite. I gnawed at it and finally was
able to get a small chunck of burned something to come off of the bone. Two chomps
into this gristle and I HAD to spit it out. I quickly, however as subtly as I could,
brought my napkin to my mouth and disposed of it. It was then, as I was trying to
place the napkin back in my lap without being noticed that I looked up. All of the
other judges were looking at me, wide eyed... This was a genuine spitter. Noone else
actually put it in their mouth. They asked me afterwards, knowing I have dogs that
love bones, if I wanted the remainder of that for my dogs. Nope. I answered "I
wouldn't do that to my dogs".

I came away wondering what and why some people dont use any reason when putting
food in a turn-in box. If, for example, I'd had a BBQ at home and made this, whether
I had company over or not, it would've gone straight to the trash can and a phone
call made for pizza. WHY would you put that in a turn-in box?!?!?!!???? Apparently
there is no reasoning...

I've had some very tough ribs (undercooked) and some burned, but nothing in this
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