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Originally Posted by vr6Cop View Post
I rarely do briskets because I'm not good at them. Maybe we all need just more practice.
I always do briskets because I love 'em, whether I'm any good at 'em or not. I'm assuming my are hot and fast, as they only take 6 hours or so. And the only person who's complained so far is me. Anyone whose tried them has said they were great.

But, they're all Minnesotans, what do they know.

Wait, one of our mods is from here, right?

Scratch that last remark. Where's the backspace key...

Seriously, though, go with what works for you. If low and slow is what you're good at, and you enjoy it, why change? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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If it makes your stomache growl and your heart scared as soon as you see it or smell it, it's got to be good!
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