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Originally Posted by Stlsportster View Post
I love this build! Just goes to show you don't need to weld or buy a $3000 pit. Can't wait to see how you continue to improve this with each variation. Once you're done you should document the plans so others could follow it!

Now where's the food pron!!!
That was the idea...a high performance pit that just about anyone could throw together pretty much anywhere in the world.

So, materials for the current build are:

52 8x8x16 cinderblocks. Lowes has them for $0.66, so $34.32
Custom cut 1/8" steel plate top $50
Custom cut expanded metal grate $35
Custom cut reverse flow plate $36
20' of 3/8 rebar $8

So ~$125 for the "build". You'll need a masonry blade for a circular saw to cut the slots in the cinderblocks...nothing else works as well. I realize the steel plate parts can be somewhat difficult to source, but a little research should find some sources for you. I'm lucky to have a BBQ pit fabricator about 10 miles away. The top I have is probably overkill, I'm sure there's cheaper ways to cover it up.

Food pr0n coming in a day or so!!
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