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Originally Posted by masque13 View Post
Iím kind of in the same boat. Would love to upgrade but I think of I do I will have to live in that upgrade. Lol.

But I have a limit to how far Iím gonna take it in upgrading and modifying my current trailer instead of just buying one decked out. I donít mind still doing the tent thing for the most part. No more contest than I am able to do itís not horrible to set up and tear down. If I was cooking 8-10 contests per year I would really want to have a more self contained rig.

Not to be overly blunt but the thing I would prefer even more than air conditioning is to have a rig that had its own bathroom and shower. Lol.
I agree with you on all your points. Can't justify a "Cadillac" trailer and maybe do 3 or 4 comps a season. I'll go the addition route with the trailer I have then I am sure a more complete set up will find it's way to my house lol. No doubt the bathroom set up would be great.
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