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Originally Posted by pharp View Post
LOL. I would not say that, it was just a pain point for me on my first one. It was fine, but it basically had to run non-stop to keep up. It was a lot of wear on the unit and I was using tons of gas in the generator. Not a huge deal, but I was like man it shouldn't be this much work to keep 50 SQ FT at 75 degrees.

So that is why I went double. I was just saying insulate the walls along with the roof or don't bother.
I got ya. My better half has reached her limit since our garage looks like the cooking section of Academy. When I mentioned a new trailer the silence in the room was scary LOL. So I'm going to try and put a few additions to the trailer I have until I am sure she did not take out an insurance policy that I am not aware of.
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