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Thanks guys. I guess the question simply boils down to margin vs volume. I think my maths showed it can be done either way, it is a judgement call as to what is the right way.

Part of the decision lies in making the right read on repeat business. When this particular set of customers have choices, what is the best way to retain them - price or quality? We are in an area undergoing gentrification and are focussed on the local business/population. So we have customers who need a decent price, at the same time as some of them are very conscious of food quality, GMO, pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics etc.

I suppose the maths shows we can do quality with a not unreasonable and probably acceptable hike in price.

The question isnít so much on straight BBQ items where there is no local competition. It is more on competitive items like rotisserie chicken etc where price points are well known - will they accept the increment for food quality.

Either way, quality and realism need to coexist.
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