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The $6.00 and the $12.00 are the cost of raw, dressed pork, approx. I took it down to cooked weight by dividing by the three 4-5oz servings got from a kg ... but it wasn't a question about whether that was right or not, irrespective of the amounts, it is the relativity that matters. I just chose nice round figures to make it easy for me.

At 40% yield on whole hog, 1kg raw dressed yields 400gms of cooked food which is 14oz. So my guess of 3 sandwiches isn't far off! The actual prices are NZ$ and are close to what we pay (rounded). Two weekends ago I cooked a 70kg Duroc pig and that was $5.95 + tax (15%) per kg raw (dressed). That is NZD 2.72/lb (before tax) = USD $1.91 per pound. It also took nearly USD$70 of charcoal to cook for the 20 hours :-).
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