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I know I haven't been on here lately, but it has been busy and hectic.

I will try to be more regular, but can not promise much right at this time.

Just so each of you will know, I just sent Phil a summary of the money that you all so graciously sacrificed for us. I know it didn't look good, getting the money and not being here much afterwards. I hope I didn't make any one offended. It has gone to good use, and I hope it will be approved of.

I am off work today, and will be back into another 10 straight days, 2 of which will be 3-11 on next Saturday and Sunday evenings, then right back in on Monday at 7am.... but it looks like by looking at the schedule, it will start getting back to more of a normal work schedule by the end of August... can't wait.. it sure has been a long time of messed up work schedules, shifts and weekends. Right now we are working almost every other weekend, and one of them being the 3-11 shift instead of our regular day shift.... that really throws the screws to the sleep habit.

I see you all have been actively working on keeping the forum busy, and I just looked and I am 6 pages behind just in the "Q" section..... It will take me forever just to get caught up... thanks... keep up the great work.

Again, thanks for all you have done.
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