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I think you'd be hard pressed to find a truly "all grass-fed" beef in this country. I don't buy it......

I have buddies who raise Angus cattle, that are on the pasture every day, but they are also fed grain and corn stalks, alfalfa hay and so on. Most all dairy and feed lots I've been on in the last two years do the same. My understanding (and I'm not a farmer) is that in order to have a truly grass-fed beef, would take too long to get it ready for market, and you can short circuit this by feeding them grain. That's why commodity beef is raised on mostly all grain and some fiber. Eating grain puts weight on faster, and also causes the cow to be fatter, though not intramuscular fat (marbling).

So, all that to say my preference is for farm-raised beef, not commodity beef. Most farm raised beef in my experience is grass fed to some extent. I think it tastes better, is usually a little leaner, and therefore needs more care to cook it correctly. It's just different, but IMHO, better!

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