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Originally Posted by Ylouder View Post
The guy has probably never hunted or had grass fed beef in his life.
I don't know if I'd go that far; Bill's a good guy, just maybe had some funky venison and/or grassfed beef along the line somewhere. Maybe what he meant is since they eat the same grass, they should taste similar.

The "gamey" taste usually attributed to venison is nothing more than spoiling meat. People tend to hang their deer in a tree to age, and it warms up in the sun, then freezes overnight, and repeats for a few days until it tastes off. I kill mine, clean immediately, rinse out the cavity, then skin while its warm and easy, quarter it, and wrap in butcher paper to let it age properly in a 38 degree frig for 4-6 days to complete the rigor mortis and muscle relaxing cycle. The result is some of the most incredible meat you can have (I've instantly converted venison naysayers), but it tastes completely different than our beef.
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