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Default Humphreys Insulated Reverse Flow Pellet Smoker and other questions

First Hello to the board from a total newb..

Has anyone used one, and if so how did you like it vs a charcoal fed unit? I'm trying to narrow down my search base.

I've been looking at many different types of smokers from pellet to RF to vert off set you name it. This will be my first smoker so I'm new to it all, and trying to take in as much info as possible. The reason I named the Humphrey is because there isn't much info that I have found as far as the pellet base.

I have a wide list of different smokers, and I'm narrowing it down then I will make my call. I think stick burners are out at this point. I was looking at pellet, but also at a few other options. I don't need a total set it, and forget it, but I don't have enough time day to day to stay around a smoker all day long. That's just me, and that's what floats my boat.

I will be cooking for 10 or less people most of the time, but from time to time will have a larger group of people 25-50 so I need to be able to do both, but not have huge expense when I fire it up for smaller groups.

I know this is subjective like a Chevy vs Ford debate, but could people name 3 or 4 of each smoker other than pure wood smokers they would get. I'm looking at charcoal/wood mix and pellet. looking to spend at most $2500, but would rather keep it less than 2K if possible.

For Pellet I narrowed it down to the Yoder YS640, and the Blazin Grid Iron in the second group I have looked at I have Lone Star Assassin, and Humphrey. Let me know what you can give me for info.

By the way I'm looking for low, and slow, and won't be doing comp cooks. Most cooks will be ribs, chicken, butts brisket, and such at first until I get my feet wet.
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