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Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
What has been taking place are the very things that we ran away from 7 years ago
Funny, that thought popped in my head a week or two ago. First the first time ever (at least I think), I had a post removed by a mod, for a crack I made about a hooters sign in a post in the BBQ section. I have to be honest here, my first thought was, wow, we have become what drove Phil from the yahoo group. But then I got to thunking, and that brings up the whole "change" thingy. With 14,000 plus members, we CAN'T be what we were 6 years ago. This post clears everything up perfectly.

Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
What would you think of someone who comes to you at your party and says they are leaving because there is someone in the crowd of 200 that they don't like. WTF.. this isn't high school. IGNORE THAT PERSON, and enjoy the time with your friends. We are all adults, act like it.
I have never figured out this part. I have never reported a post or sent a PM to a mod about something I was pissed about. I just move on to the next post. We are all adults here, and your analogy of leaving a party of 200 because you didn't like one person is perfect! Couldn't agree more.

Great post, with a lot to think about!
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