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If you are serving at 5pm you can get a good nights sleep and get the meat on at 7am if you are cooking between 300-325.

I have had plenty of 5pm dinners and this is my timeline typically.

Night before trim and rub butts and into the fridge
6am - wake up and fire up the smoker to 300-325
7am - put on the butts
10:30am - 11:00am - check color on the butts. If they are where I want it or close to the color I want it, wrap in double layer of foil.
12:30pm - 1:00pm - check butts for doneness. If they pass the bone wiggle test, take them off the cooker and open the foil to vent off heat for 15 minutes. If a pork butt isn't done, I let it ride and check back every 30 minutes. (typically cooking at 300-325 a 7-9lb butt or 12-16lb brisket will be done anywhere between 5.5 - 7 hours)

After they are done and vent off the heat for 15minutes, wrap back in the foil and place in cambro or cooler w/ towels and hold until service.

4:45pm - take butts out of the cambro/cooler and pull for serving.

All the time inbetween I focus on making my sides, cleaning, and getting some video games in.
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