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Originally Posted by bover View Post
Uhm, actually no it doesn't. I've done dozens and dozens of eggs exactly this way for smoked deviled eggs. Straight out of the fridge in to the smoker until they pass the spin test.
Well, that's cool! I didn't actually know that from first hand experience in a smoker, but have seen them explode in microwaves! Maybe the lower heat and longer cook times let the gases escape without building up too much pressure. Very good to know.

Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
Thanks for the eggsperiment. That saves me the trouble of doing it myself.
This is why I do these things!

Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
We used to soak eggs in vinegar when I was a kid to dissolve the shell but I never ate one of them afterwards.
Depending how the other ones go, you might not want to start trying them that way. These weren't really worth it considering how much egg white was lost. That messy outer albumen isn't tasty. I will say that the inner egg white plus the yolk on the Carolina Magic egg was actually pretty good. If it was bigger, it could make a good deviled egg.

Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
Try some water with a high concentration of onion juice in it. I bet the onion flavor would penetrate.
I have one like that now, except instead of just onion, it is onion, pepper and garlic blended in a Blend-Tec blender to liquefy it.

Originally Posted by Shooter1 View Post
I don't think I could eat one of those.
I'm kind of dreading the next round to be honest....
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