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Originally Posted by airedale View Post
Jeez. Sorry to hear that. (OP here)

What does that say about KCBS contests if every team must strive to produce examples the same standard product? it seems kind of sad to me. Or is that not the right diagnosis?

Just out of curiosity, are you willing to say what you did? Pix?
i think it says exactly what one would expect it to say. the chicken recipes that everyone strives to do so well and that are so similar are middle of the road and are the most trustworthy and least offensive style to produce.

anytime you think outside the box and try things not usually the norm you always run the risk of finding some who like it alot, some who think it is pretty good and some that simply do not like it at all. thats why it is considered out the box or a risk. and that's exactly what his scores represented and thats why he says "now back to our regularly scheduled recipes"......comp BBQ is not usually the best of places to get too wild with a recipe.....little tweaks here and there can even hurt you alot. sometimes they help.....we just came back with a 4th place chicken and a 3rd place brisket and slightly modified both of our recipes. BUT both were inside the realm of what is considered "normal" on the KCBS circuit.

I have come to understand that with the money I have invested and the time and energy that it takes to do comps, that I am willing to play the game and just try to give the judges the most balanced, tasty, tender, non offensive BBQ they have ever tasted. I will leave the out of the box recipes and wild variations to my home cooking.
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