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Originally Posted by Jorge View Post
I could probably write a 50 page thesis and not cover everything to completely answer your questions.

The short version is that "bland" chicken should be scored accordingly. In KCBS scoring, taste is weighted the heaviest. I think of hospital food as being bland. Bland comp BBQ isn't a good thing. Salt, or any other ingredient, can be more pronounced or even prominent but the more any single ingredient stands out the bigger the risk the cook takes. If, as an unbiased judge, the entry works it should be rewarded. If a cook wants to amp up the flavor and everything is perfectly balanced that's their choice, and a risk they take because if a judge can't taste the meat the score could very well reflect that. If the meat is just a carrier for rub, sauce, injection, and brine is it still really BBQ? Even if it's still BBQ, is it good if you can't taste the meat?

If you'd like to try an experiment on salt in comp BBQ take a look at the IBCA calendar and find a DFW area contest at a VFW or Elk's Lodge and go judge. You'll get a salt lick from many of the cooks. Salt stands out to some of those judges that have been smoking and drinking beer;) Then find another IBCA contest in the same area, maybe Cops for Kids in Ft. Worth and see how those entries compare.
That's a great idea thanks.
3 of the top 5 teams in KCBS TOTY, AND the no1 team in Pork were cooking on UDS. AMEN!
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