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(OP here --- again!)

Thanks/it's interesting to read your guys discussion of sweet and salty chicken. I am having a little trouble, though, with the notion of not judging something that isn't there.

Suppose I am presented with a rib that has been simply boiled (over a wood fire, of course) to perfect KCBS tenderness. But no sauce, no rub, no seasoning at all. Am I to judge it only based on what it is? If I think its the best possible flavorless boiled rib on the planet am i to give it a 9 for taste?
No, you score it a nine for tenderness because you said it was perfectly cooked. The taste you described was flavorless so you would score that accordingly. What they are saying by donít judge it by what isnít there is if an entry is well seasoned and tastes great and has no sauce donít ding the entry because it doesnít have sauce. If it tastes great the score should reflect that itís great. It shouldnít be scored lower because it doesnít have sauce.
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