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Originally Posted by el luchador View Post
I would like to take a judging class one day. Here is a question for you.

I don't like sweet chicken. If it has any sweet then to me it's too sweet. Can one judge accordingly? Ie give a lower mark for being too sweet/salty/Smoky etc?
I'll try to answer your question, based on my understanding. Pick any ingredient or attribute you like, and I'll use sugar since you don't care for sweet chicken.

I shouldn't score the entry lower because of the use of sugar or other sweeteners. I can score the entry lower if the ingredient(s) weren't used well. Did the cook balance the flavors well, whether I liked all of them or not? If yes they should receive a suitably high score. If it was just so over the top sweet that a judge with diabetes would go into shock just looking at the entry then I should be deducting points.

I've disagreed with people in the past over this issue. I don't have a problem with a judge that scores an entry lower because the flavor of mustard is too prominent. I have issues with judges that state that they don't like mustard and will score an entry lower because the cook used mustard, or the judge believes that they used it.

You are judging the ingredients that are present, not what isn't present, and how well the cook made the ingredients work together. If you can't move past personal preference and bias then you probably shouldn't be a judge.
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