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This seems to be a chicken and egg question. Do judges only get sauced thighs because that's what the teams want to cook, or do teams only cook thighs because that's what the judges want to see?

Several years ago I turned in Lollipop chicken in a small, regional competition. It was, BY FAR, the best chicken I've ever turned in. It was also, BY FAR, the most labor intensive chicken I've ever done. I was sure I was going to win in chicken... nope! I think judges are conditioned to expect chicken entries to be sweet, sauced thighs-- anything unexpected or unusual faces an uphill fight.

The next year I went back to thighs (which were much easier to prep) and took first. Although the previous year's Lollipop chicken was much better, the thighs brought home the trophy. After that I decided to cook for the judges and stick to script.
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