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Default Advice on food quantities

Newbie to BBQ Brethren - glad to be part of the community!

I have an upcoming picnic event, there will be a total of 75 people, 50 adults, 25 children. Here is the proposed menu:

2 Full split briskets (14 pounds each pre-cook) Burnt Ends and Flat
30 pieces of BBQ/Jerk Chicken, legs/thighs
3 racks of Baby Back Ribs
80 Meatballs, golfball size

2 half pans of Mac n Cheese
2 half pans of Baked Beans
2 half pans of Potato Salad
1 half pan corn

4 pans (48 pieces) Corn Bread
2 Loafs Texas Bread

What are your thoughts on the menu and qty's??

Any and all input is appreciated.

Thank you!
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