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I wear rubber gloves. I get em at Gordons Food Service. Their disposable so I go through a lot of them. I wear em when I slather/rub my meats. Then I pitchem. I also don new gloves when I load the food on the pit. I wear 500 degree safe, gloves when pulling the meat off the pit. These I was w/hot soapy water, rinse really well. I usually put them in a clean plastic bag until ready for use. These work really really well when manhandling briskets, butts and are absolutely great for beer butt chickens. When guests arrive to help pull/slice or cut food they wear the gloves also. I think the guests really appreciate the fact that were doing everything possible to keep them safe. I wear welding gloves when sliding out the grates to spritz or move food on the pit. These are new welding gloves, not what I use weld with. But they get dirty really fast.
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