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i use them the second the meat comes out of the cryo or butcher paper. Or whenever im am doing prep work. Go thru them like water.

Change them whenever i handle something besides the meat or a utensil, or I switch meats.

See the jars in this pic? they got a glove on them. I also put on glove on all the rub jars and shakers before i start prepwork so I dont get coodies on them or from them.

Thoughts in General? Besides keeping my coodies off the food, and making me all gross from the fats and blood. ?

I hate handling raw meat.. (gag reflex). The gloves make it easier to prep. I dont have to keep washing hands just to open the fridge or a cabinet. i get the foodhandlers glove box for $6 per box/100 and i buy them in lots of 12. I also buy them a size bigger so they come off an on easily and go on easily. I will use a box a week at home during bbq seasons and at least a box at a contest. But im notorious for putting them on doing one thing then throwing them out..

I switch to the smaller size for slicing, so i know where my fingers end.
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