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I'm at a similar time as you with my business. There are certainly inherent risks as they have stated. Exposure Bucks can be a slippery slope, but I 100% understand eating poop before making it big. What do you think he is willing to pay you or does he think you just want the exposure/kitchen? Or, are you ok with just the exposure/kitchen? How much time will this tie up from you a month that could be spent going out advertising/marketing for yourself or actually cooking at your pop up? Are you cooking on weekends (prime BBQ selling time) for him? How big do you want your business to be and what is your current capacity/cooking set up look like?

Here's how I think about it. How many people will see his menu that day that will remember your name? How many people could you go get your menu in front of that day that would have a piece of paper in their hands for them to keep with your name on it? If you can juggle both, go for it. You'll hate to think what could have been.

I also think the pop up outside his restaurant may get old for him fast. Even tho you are selling different food, that could still be taking a meal sold away from him. I'd keep what you do for him and what you do for your gig separate and away from each other.
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