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Originally Posted by jgh1204
Mista, do you use charcoal or lump. At the 9.5 hour mark, my temps just plummeted. I was cruising along at 235 then it dropped to 218 then 208 then 195 all within about 5 minutes.

The ash was choking out the fire. I had to take out the food and clean off the coals and it climbed back up to 230 pretty quickly. I was using Royal Oak.

I was thinking about using some lump, but all that is available here is Cowboy and mesquite lump. And personally, I dont like mesquite. I know you and others do.
I use the mesquite lump. i guess that might be the only time the door really comes in handy. I can reach in and shake the charcoal basket so the ash will fall without moving the grates.
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