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Well, it might not be a failure. I had closed the lid on the fire and it had settled down pretty good and we went to eat dinner. When we came back, I figured it was getting late and maybe I could get another good burn going.

So, I added 2 large oak split logs I picked up last year. Then after 30 minutes, I added 2 more. Had a real good fire going. The original green of the barrel was only visible the top 6 inches. Then, I added a bag of small mesquite chunks someone gave me that I wont ever use to make Q.

The fire got real hot and was shooting up almost a foot past the top of the barrel. The rest of the green disappeared. The bottom 2/3rds of the barrel is burnt orange(may have to give this to Jorge if the color does not improve.)

One interesting thing I learned. When you spit on the side of a orange hot barrel, your spit does not sizzle on the side. It bounces off. Pretty cool.

So there is a new saying. Spit bouncing hot.

When I put the lid on, it starting rolling white smoke, so I figured I better take it off and let the fire die down a little more. Did not want the smoke disturbing the neighbors. I was careful to step back because about 5 seconds later, there was a backdraft and flames shot up about 4 feet past the top of the barrel.

I could enjoy this a little more if I was not in the middle of a neighborhood.

Anyway, looks like I might have a usable smoker. The smell disappeared with the last of the green paint.

I am going to babysit this thing another hour or so, but I bet this stays hot until tomorrow afternoon.
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