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Prepare for wet, muddy and cold.
Bring power.
Most spaces are tight, so if you can, arrive early.
Take the tour at the Jack, just don't kick the safe in Jaspers old office.
Being the flag of your state for the parade and to display at your team site.
After the parade the teams are taken to BBQ hill on Friday night for a feast and Jack.
Jack= the local product.
Per order aprons, shirts, team banner, etc. including a barrel head, bring several sharpie markers.
You take the barrel head around for teams to sign, but save a spot in the center for the Master Distiller, Jeff Arnett, to sign.
Eat at Ms. Mary Bobo's, but you must make reservations NOW! Save room for the apples and ask for extra local product on them. Aka drunken apples.
Lynchburg is located in the wettest dry county in the world. BYOB
You can buy collector bottles of Jack inside the distillery at the White Rabbit, one of these is the BBQ bottle. Ie a 1L bottle of Gentlemen Jack with the BBQ logo engraved. You can also purchase your own barrel full of Jack. If you do, remember me.
Remember 7. Seven pieces are required in each box. I don't remember if both white and dark meat are required, so check your info as soon as possible.
There are several anything butt categories, each requires Jack, but don't fret, they give you a bottle of the local product (just remember to save some).
Consuming the local product is required, not optional.
I don't know what it is about drinking the local product in the shadows of the distillery, but it's seems to taste just a bit better if that seems possible.
"Everyday we make it, we make it the best we can"

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