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Originally Posted by CBQ View Post
Congrats to everyone that got in!

Condolences for Stubborn Bull that didn't find out until after the draw that the contest organizer for their GC in MA failed to submit a proclamation, turning their 50/50 shot into an auto for someone else. I really never understood the whole proclamation thing. Other than giving you a chance to lose out on The Jack because someone else didn't do the paperwork, what purpose does it serve?
In Texas it reduces the number of qualifiers, quite a bit. The best estimate I've heard is that there are approximately 75 qualifiers each year. Very few of those have a proclamation, just 50 teams. More contests here are starting to take the time to get the paper, which in turn will increase the number of qualifiers. If you are not from Texas (home state) or in the Texas draw it makes no difference to you, unless you are in the Wildcard draw.

The Royal no longer uses proclamations, so I wouldn't be surprised if The Jack followed suit.
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