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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Yeah, you know.....I'd never really ever thought about the actual cut before slicing for the box. I've seen others cut for their box and it just looks so easy when YOU are not the one with the slicer/knife!!!

I had a hard time getting evenly between the bones. I'd either go 1/2 way and then hit the bone and the cut would be crooked/not straight, etc. I do agree that they aren't the same width.

I had 3 racks total and they all came off real purty, but once I hacked at 'em with the slicer, suddenly, I was out of good ribs. At home, I usually put the rack upside down so I can see the bones better, but when I tried that at the comp, it totally trashed the glaze. It was a REAL sticky sauce, so that didn't work.

My gloves were sticky too, so when I handled them, I'd pull some of the parsley out or slime up the clean meat.

Yes, Chris.....I'm hooked. I'll be thinking about comp BBQ for at LEAST a week now.

JT: Thanks for letting me hang out and help these last 2 comps. Sorry I can't make it to Jasper this weekend. We'll see if you miss me or not. Or at least miss my ribs....
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