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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Default My first ever turn-in box!!!

OK, was only for a backyard ribs contest, but it WAS at a KCBS event. The event was Wine, Brew & BBQ Too!!! at New Palestine, IN. I hung out with Big JT's Smokin BBQ and have him an extra set of hands Friday and yesterday for his pro stuff. There was also, however, a rib backyard competition for this event that I was excited to try my hand at.

Baby Backs was my weapon of choice. Here's the box just before I closed it and walked it in.

I'd appreciate any HONEST opinions from you experienced folks. I didn't think the ribs stacked up very evenly, and although the glaze and ribs looked farkin beautiful when I pulled them off the smoker, I tore the glaze up pretty good on most of the ribs while slicing.

There was no garnish requirement or limitation on this event. So I could have used tomato, fruit, whatever. But, even though I wasn't ONLY limited to green leaf lettuce, I thought it would score better since that's what the judges were used to looking at. The BY ribs turned in after all the KCBS meats AND the sauce, so it was very last.

Anyway.....I WON!!! Out of 8 teams total, I was CHAMP!!!!

I scored a 165.714 total. I assume (but I don't know) that the same certified judges were scoring the backyard ribs too? Here was my 6 scores:
8 9 9
9 7 8
9 8 9
9 8 8
7 7 8
9 8 9

SO......what improvements could I have made on my box? Obviously, you can only give me presentation advice, but.......? Anything I should work on?

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