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Originally Posted by HogBack Mtn Comp BBQ Team View Post
Naw man, did not think that. Ordered the trailer through a friend of a friend who runs a trailer place. He told me at the time I could do it cheaper than him so that is why I am doing it.
For future - you can do a lot but vending window is one that you should get done by pros. Some locations ask for a "self closing" window if you do your own. Still a big custom window can run 2-3k.

Almost everything can be done cheaper by you if you have the skills but water for example means adding city water connection with all the appropriate safety features like air breaks. I know zip about plumbing so when I did my current trailer I did the plumbing a couple of times using a licensed plumber.

You should be fine with LP water heater so long as it's properly installed and vented. And you're right about draw and needing a 50 amp box and that means a big honking generator.
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