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Default Healing Brisket (pron)

Well, it's been a little while since my last post. It feels good to let my emotions for meat pour out onto my work computer.

A slight back story, my uncle has not had many happy days in his life. He has always been a relatively bitter dude. I don't think it's anything in particular, just a short tempered, sunny side down kind of guy.

Irregardless (not a word), he has recently been diagnosed with some serious cancer. He has 4 kids (2 in college) and a life he doesn't necessarily want to give up just yet (understandably). One thing we do have in common (other than our mutual love and respect for my Ducati) is that he loves BBQ (especially brisket). He has a Kamado in his back yard and we've talked at length (for him that's a whole 2 minutes) about brisket.

I decided to snag a few flats when I was at Costco last week (they don't have the full packer for some reason) and I threw one on the BGE this last Saturday morning. Did the standard S+P with a little Bovine Bold to finish it off and cooked about 9 hrs at 250 with oak and hickory.

I also got a new Victorinox slicing knife, which did a FANTASTIC job.

I showed up at his house around 5:45pm, knocked on the door with an aluminum tray full of brisket in hand, the look on his face could have lit the Washington Memorial.

Food (BBQ) is the fabric of our lives.
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