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Exclamation *** Brethren PSA: Fundraisers, Kickstarters, GoFundMe, etc.

Gang, we have very specific rules covering the posting of requests for money, whether this be a fundraiser, a Kickstarter campaign or a GoFundMe. Please read this and refrain from posting these(especially in Qtalk) without prior approval from the Admin team. Posting these without approval puts the Admin and mod team in the difficult position of having to delete your post. While we sympathize with the various causes, we would be bombarded with requests for money if we didn't follow our rules.

We acknowledge that everyone has a cause or favorite charity, but we cannot be burdening our membership by constantly posting fundraisers and $$ requests. We choose them carefully and do this to manage what goes on, not run the well dry and avoid drive-bys and fly-by-nights from using our forum haphazardly or for self serving purposes. Since we have already declined or deleted many requests and ventures, precedent has been set and we have to be fair.

Any fundraisers must be proposed or requested to the admin team. Each one is reviewed individually on a case by case basis. IF approved, they will be posted by the admins and/or mods after being reviewed, or you will be given the go ahead to post yourself. They are also reserved for tenured members whom we are familiar with and aware of the causes associated with the fundraiser. We also keep it to members and immediate families only. Please refrain from requesting fundraisers for your cousins soccer team, the local high school dance troop, your neighbors kids, or any third parties as they will likely be declined and we prefer NOT to be put on the spot or in a position that may case ill feelings. Any self-serving campaign will also not be allowed, so be prepared. This also pertains to kickstarter campaigns and gofundme sites.
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