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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Default Building my first UDS

Iím going blind reading this thread BUT, thereís a LOT of great information here.

My thoughts....

Iím ordering a new 55 gallon polished 16 gauge stainless steel open top drum.

Apparently they are 24Ē in diameter (slightly larger than most?)

Then I going with the Big Poppa Smoker Kit, Iím also ordering 3 of their heavy gauge grates.

Iím also ordering a 30 quart stainless steel mixing bowl to convert the drum lid to a dome lid.

Iím at this time planning on using a BBQ Guru DigiQ Temperature Controller.

If I donít have enough ďsmokeĒ Iíll throw it one of my pellet smoke tubes.

I know this will be an expensive build (north of a grand) but I want a quality, nice smoker.

Thoughts?, Comments?, Criticisms?
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