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Hey Burgs, fellow Easley guy here. I now live in Greenville now and I can help you. I know a guy in Union that comes to GVille once a week and he has food grade drums.

I have been reading through all of these posts, gathering all the information I was needing to build my first UDS. I still have one question I am needing an answer for, well maybe 2. I am going to install a vertical intake, right now I have cut a 2 -1/8th hole 1 inch from the bottom and also the same on the removeable lid. I am going to have my brother-in-law weld an exhaust on the top. OK here's my question...Do I have to make the intake pipe go to the center of the barrel or the hole with the intake welded on the outside of the drum work. I am going to install a damper like your common smoker on top of the pipe to control the air flow. Is there any need for more intakes with this setup??

Any help is much appreciated!!!!!
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