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Some guys from the local fire department used to make some really good chili and they wanted to enter it into a pretty big fundraiser for our high school.

They talked a school kitchen worker into helping them out and getting the district to let them use the school kitchen. Don't know how much they made but she even helped them scale up the ingredients.

Might be worth a try.

And as far as Cincinnati chili goes, in my opinion, making your own with the brand of packets posted in this thread is the way to go.

I cut down on the water so it's thicker and add a little kosher salt, cumin, chili powder and paprika to taste and only cook it for 30-40 minutes so it doesn't get dark and bitter.

Gold Star is ok but Skyline changed their recipe 15 or 20 years ago in an effort to make it healthier and again in my opinion it's not near as good as it used to be.

The best ones were the smaller mom and pop chili parlors but most of them are gone.

If you're in town and like Cincinnati chili, give Blue Ash Chilli a try.
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