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Default Converting propane warming box to butane?

Hey All,

So when I bought my food trailer the fabricator built me a warming cabinet that was mounted outside on the porch. It's powered by a very solid propane burner and works decent enough when there is little to no wind. I took my trailer back to them a couple of days ago to make some modifications and they added some wind-blocking panels to help make this thing work better. The big problem is that to keep the temp below 200 the flame has to be very small...almost like a pilot light. Any kind of wind comes through and it blows out that flame.

The wind-blocks they mounted on help a bit, but in 10MPH or better it still blows out the flame and renders my $1k warming box useless. I certainly got duped on this piece of equipment, but I'm thinking of ways to make it work better. I was thinking maybe replacing the propane burner with a butane burner. Is anybody familiar with this kind of thing or have any experience with propane and butane that could chime in?

I'll grab a couple of pics of what I have no and post them here in a minute.

Here's the link to the pics :
Edit : Here's a link to an Imgur Album showing the box.
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