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Performers before 2005 used a 5-lb refillable tank with a quick disconnect. They also had a stainless steel work surface.

Here's a parts diagram at for the Performer stainless 5-lb tank model.

Performers since 2005 use a 14-oz standard disposable propane bottle. They also have a thermo-plastic work surface. You can use an adapter hose for the Weber-Q to connect this performer model to a standard 20-lb propane bottle.

Here are links to the adapter hoses on Amazon:

Weber 46" adapter hose for Weber Q to 20-lb LP tank

Weber 72" adapter hose for Weber Q to 20-lb LP tank

Here's a diagram for Performer thermo-plastic worksurface disposable propane bottle model.

Here are links to the owners manuals for the various Performer models:

Performer w/ Touch-N-Go (Prior to 2000 Model Year) Online PDF owners manual

The Performer (2000 - 2004) Online PDF owners manual

The Performer (2005 and later) Online PDF owners manual

Maybe the way to go is replace the regulator and tank connection with a German one. Then he would just have to worry about the burner to regulator fitting.
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