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Originally Posted by Rib Rub View Post
It is going to be interesting in the next few years at how these grills evolve. They are light years better than even a year ago. These new options are probably going to put the gas grill industry out of business in the next 5 years. I myself have not touched my gas grill in months.
It will certainly be interesting to see. I don't think it will put the gasser industry out (especially if HD keeps selling $150-$200 options), but I think it will definitely take a bit of market share for those willing to spend $500 on a grill. You also have to remember, not everybody wants to smoke everything like we do. I, personally, still use my Weber a ton. Also, reliability is still very much up in the air on a lot of these new pellets. A Weber will last you 20+ years if cared for properly. If my GMG lasts me half that I'll be shocked.

However, I could be very much wrong. If Traeger or one of the others can create a brand like Yeti or UA, anything can take off.
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