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Originally Posted by jeff_in_kc
After getting everyone's input, I think that we need to put forth some official statement or Brethren policy that we can all agree upon to keep such issues from ever arising (hopefully).

Not disagreeing with your fine post at all, but that concept makes me uncomfortable.

I really do not support any sort of policy statement in this matter.
Each event is different, each team is different, and each judge is different.
Even the "stakes" might come into play. A local rib-fest that is mostly for fun may (just may) tolerate much more interaction than a hotly contested "State Championship". Don't know for sure, but a lot of variables out there.

My hope is only that we, as a group, stay aware of the situation and the possible perils and act accordingly. And "accordingly" is up to the individuals involved.
Exactly like trying to define "excessive". You just have to be there to "feel" what "excessive" is, IMHO.

And I surely do not want to tell someone else exactly what to do, nor do I want someone else micromaging my actions.
This simply does not rise to that level

Great discussion guys.

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