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Originally Posted by Dr_KY View Post
The world should take a few lessons from from the members here.
Amen brother, preach it......

Originally Posted by keend View Post
I keep saying it over and over and describing it to other smoke heads I know. "I've never seen another forum like this one"
For some of you that do know know the history behind me being here, I was on a couple of other forums. Several here know that. I was invited here by our own TONTO..... we have had several phone calls before I joined, and one day I decided to "check it out". Well, I couldn't check out anything, as I had to join just to check it out..... so I did.

The rest is history..... I told the one of the other forums my good-bye... and ain't been back since. The other one, I think I have been there a couple of times.... that one is where I met Theresa and Bud.

This one is so much like family.... I don't think could ever leave... so, if you want me to go, you will have to run me off, lock me out, or come and tie me up...

And JohnD, my wife is in Highland City visiting family for our nieces graduation tomorrow night from Bartow High.... We were all going to make it as a family, but school and other things got in the way.... so I sent her on her way with bb ribs pack for the family from me... The next time we come down, I will have to pm you and get a phone number so I can at least make a time to meet you and if nothing else shaker your hand....
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