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Originally Posted by NC Mike View Post
I salted the roast with kosher salt early in the morning then wrapped in plastic wrap and put it back in the fridge. In the afternoon I set the weber up with 2 charcoal baskets with a drip pan in the middle. While the charcoal was getting lit I pulled the roast out of the fridge and skewered it. Took 2 tries to get it centered so one side was not heavier than the other. I rubbed it with coarse ground pepper. Dumped the charcoal in the baskets and added 3 kingsford hickory briquettes on each side. Meat went on and some small potatoes and Brussel sprouts went in the pan. I ran the top vent wide open and the bottom vent about 3/4 open. I did not check the dome temp just checked on things about every 20 minutes. I did add a few lit briquettes after one hour and opened the bottom vent to get more crust on the roast. At an hour and 30 minutes the center was at 135 degrees so I pulled it off, tented it with foil and let it set about 20 minutes before carving.
Sounds like it turned out great. I have been wanting to try a rib roast in the Weber kettle for some time but never seem to find a good one at a price I want to pay. Both of our local butcher shops do not keep them and will only do special orders on them.
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