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Default Charity for son's drama club.. how much?

Hey folks,

I'm planning to cook for my son's high school drama club where they are selling food during the rivalry football game. It's a pretty packed event so they expect to sell a good bit.

So questions:

If I wanted to make 100 brisket sandwiches and 100 pulled pork sandwiches what would you all recommend I start with for raw pounds of each? I'd like the sandwiches to be fairly substantial. 5oz each?

I plan to pull the pork and chop all of the brisket including point and flat to make things easier. Thinking a scoop of some kind to regulate how much meat goes on each sandwich.

Also, any thoughts on how to price it? Maybe $6 for pulled pork and $8 or even $9 for the brisket?

I'm going to donate all of the meat and the buns, but obviously want to maximize bang for buck while also providing a great product.

Any general feedback in addition to the amount/servings info would be greatly appreciated.

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