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I dont really know about there offset cabinets but I do own there 20X42 offset. The thing is built like a tank and holds steady temps across both upper and lower grates. I get about 75 degree between the top and bottom grate which is nice if I want to cook at 2 different temps. The nice thing about the new 20" series that I liked is no baffle plates to mess with. I know its not a cabinet style but something to think about.

My only real issue with the 20" series is that it is thinner steel. It's 3/16" compared to 1/4". Plus I wouldn't have the same capacity. Granted it would probably handle 90% of the cooks I do, I rather have a little extra space. They do look like great cookers. I've seen some of the reviews on YouTube. Plus I like the ide of the tuning plates. Yes they're more work, but they provide flexibility.

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I have had my lsg offset for 5 years and run it at 350 every Christmas and Thanksgiving for turkeys. Nothing will warp or bind. The only thing that has happened to my pit is paint flaking from the firebox but I have the 1/2 thick box . He guaranteed me the box wouldn't trust through for 100 years.

Yep I do plan to get the 1/2" fire box mainly for the reason of longevity. If or when it starts to peal it'll be easy enough to sand down and repaint with high temp paint. And thank you. I was a bit concerned about binding as the metal expanded because it looks like LSG's moving parts fit pretty snug as is. I'm glad to know these cookers will do fine at the higher temps.
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