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Just a couple things, and a question, or two. I called camp chef , and ask if they had anything like a sliding direct grill insert, as it turns out they do, and they have had one sence about Christmas, but I can't find it anywhere on line, so they were going to send a photo of one, but it has not come yet, they cost about 40.00. The reason I called them was to tell them, I am having problems getting my grill to reach high temps, so they are sending me a new temp probe with directions for installing it, they are also sending me a bag of their pellets to try. The lady said they make two pellet cookers with this sliding direct insert but did not say which ones they are, so I ask does anyone have one that has it, and what model is it? If so can you post a photo of it, and does it do the job for you? Last question what do you think is the hottest burning pellet out there to your knowledge? Keeping in mind I am sure it depends a lot on your cooker. I watched a video of one that green mountain cookers have that looks like a very nice setup.
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