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Exclamation Ok...some success!!`

Well this came off MUCH Better than my previous failures.

When I first cut into it, I thought it was overcooked again...but after it *bloomed* after being cut, it appears to be on the medium side....I would like a bit more medium rare.

I had basically done this:

1. I salted it with garlic salt in the morning and it sat in fridge all day

2. I took it out of fridge about 3:30pm

3. I fired up the BGE, with coals on one side, virtually none under the other side with ceramic half moon blocker.

4. During reverse sear slow cooking, the units temperature hung about 225-250 for the whole time.

5. The steak had a probe in it the whole time, at about 116F I removed the steak and brought indoors. This steak sat a bit longer than I intended, due to trying to time it to server with some air fryer sweet potato fries.

6. Steak was resting from initial cook for approx 20 minutes or slightly more. The temp probe said it went from about 118F when I sat it down to a high of about 125F with carryover heat.

7. I cranked the heat up full as I could on the BGE XL, I didn't reconfigure anything, so it was just the original side with coals....but temps at top of dome reported just shy of 500F. It was flaming red and flames occasionally licking the grates. I did use the cast iron grates.

8. Here's where I was a little confused. I'd seen many things saying to just sear at high heat for 1 minute a side. But I had let the steak rest longer than usual. I also had the thermometer probe still in it, reporting starting temp about 119F-120F....this barely moved and I wasn't sure what it should be at....since cooking was interrupted.

9. I did the steak on side 1 for 1 minute, decent grill marks, but didn't look as browned as I'd like. I flipped first time and did side #1 for a minute. I flipped back to side one and angled for crosshatch marks..and did this side for about 2 min. When I flipped, to side 2 for second time...side one looked perfect, temp was about 124F.

10. I only wanted to leave side #2 down for second time for a short time, as that I pressed the steak and it was starting to feel this last time was maybe a minute or just over.

11. I brought in rested only a short time, since that I'd heard, and read that if it rested from earlier cooking and was just reheated slightly for sear, you didn't need to rest again.

This last part seemed held its juices just fine.

So, I'm still wondering about how long to sear...and what temps should look like on the sear stage...

But this is something I'll work with and vary as I go. I did NOT ruin a $30 steak like I have, I'm happy about that.

Thanks to all.....and after reading my report you have suggestions, please let me know and I'll try this next time!!

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