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I do something completely differently than the above, but it might be that I'm cooking on a kettle and not a ceramic, so it really might be a YMMV kind of thing.

I cook our steaks on a 18.5" Weber kettle.

I get the steaks out (1-1.5" ribeyes x 2) of the fridge and put a little Olive Oil on them and season them about 45mins before I'm ready to cook.

Then fill up one chimney of RO lump and get it going. Once all is lit, I put it on one side of the kettle and leave both top and bottom vents wide open.

Place the steaks on the hot side directly over the flame, let them sit there for about a min, then flip. Once flipped close the top vent down to about half open. (not sure if it makes any difference, but I always have the vent on the opposite side of the grill as the fire)

From here I flip every 45 seconds and have found that this gives a very even cook without having too much "well done" on the outside of the steak. Cooking over direct coals gives me the sear and crust on the outside that I'm looking for.

I pull them at about 119F IT and rest them for about 10 mins before slicing. This allows them to come up to just under medium rare where my wife and I like them.
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