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Originally Posted by THoey1963 View Post
Great looking pics. I love the color. Are you using some sort of filter or edit the settings on the color?
Thank you Terry. I took these pictures on my patio where I have some great light. No special filter but I do have a nice Canon EOS 70D with a decent lens. (Not an "L Glass" lens) I set my camera on a Tripod and set it to live view shooting. I then frame my picture in the LCD touch screen and set the delayed shutter feature to fire 2 seconds after I touch the screen where I want it to focus. (This to reduce any vibration) I take a number of pictures from different angles and then upload them all to my computer. Unfortunately my new computer doesn’t have any photo editing on it (yet) so I go thru my pictures and choose which photo to upload to Flicker or Photobucket. I then choose with photos will be my plated shots and edit them there. The editing process is just to touch up the lighting (Brightness) and / or tint (Saturation and / or Warmth). This helps enhance the color but doesn’t change it. Hope this helps.
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